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METro east association inc

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Nudist leisure club




Metro East Association Inc is a nudist leisure club which is located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and organises a social swim night once a month. Check out our events page for more information.

Visitors are welcome to come along to experience our nude swim nights in a relaxing atmosphere. All newcomers to the club, whether they are experienced naturists or visiting a naturist venue for the first time are given an introductory tour of the venue to make our guests feel "at home" as quickly as possible. Please read our FAQ and Code of Behaviour pages.


Metro East Association Inc is family friendly. All are welcome, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference or body shape. We are a non discriminatory club. If you agree to abide by our Code of Behaviour you will be welcome at our swim nights. All children under 18 must be directly supervised by an adult.

Metro East Association Inc has been running social nudist events since 1980, and is the longest running non landed club in Australia. Non landed means that it does not have its own property. In recent years, the club has been concentrating on hosting its regular monthly night of social nudity around the pool.

The club is run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers.



We have regular swim events commencing at 6pm and concluding at 8.30pm on the third Saturday of the month from February to November, and the first Saturday of December. 


Enjoy a great night of social nudity around the pool.

Normal entry costs $20 per person. Children under 18 are free. Club members who are financial pay $10 to attend. We encourage visitors and non club members to attend, you will be made welcome!

The venue is a leading sports centre with a 6 lane pool. Some people swim laps, many just socialise in the pool, and some sit around at tables and chairs. Join in at whatever your comfort level is.

Depending on the night, we usually have between 35 and 50 people attending, both male and female. We do not give out numbers of males and females, but normally there are more males than females attending.


During the later part of the evening we will have a bring-and-share supper. Please consider bringing a plate of food to share. We ask that food not be brought to the venue on single use plastic plates, as these are now banned throughout Victoria. We only have a small pie warmer for reheating food.  Cold food is easier to prepare and serve at the venue.


Free tea and coffee are provided. There is no drinking water fountain at the venue. You may wish to consider bringing your own cold drinks, non alcoholic. Do not bring glass or crockery due to safety considerations around the pool area. Food will be served in a Covid safe manner.

If you would like to come along, please read all of the details on our website including our Code of Behaviour and FAQ, then phone us on 0493 037 462 for the address of the venue.

We are grateful to those who arrive early from 5.30pm - 6pm to give us a hand in setting up for the evening, and also those who assist with packing up after the event from 8.30pm - 9pm. 



  • What is the location of the swim night?
    In order to protect the privacy of our participants, we do not advertise the address. Please read all of the information on this website, including the FAQ and Code of Behaviour, then telephone us on 0493 037 462 to receive address details. Voice calls only, no SMS, and no blocked or private numbers.
  • What is nudism or naturism all about?
    Being a social nudist is being comfortable with your own naked body around others who are also naked. The main consideration is mutual respect. Metro East Association Inc provides a welcoming and understanding environment, particularly for those less experienced.
  • Is this a clothing optional club?
    No it isn't. Females may wear a bikini bottom or similar for their first attendance only, in order to assist in becoming comfortable with the group, and during their period. Everyone else is required to be naked during our swim nights.
  • I am concerned about inappropriate behaviour?
    No level of sexual activity is acceptable during our events, which are family friendly. Please read our Code of Behaviour. If you become aware of any such activity, please notify a Committee member (ask at the front desk who they are) and the matter will be fully investigated and dealt with.
  • With all of these naked people, it must be a sexual event?"
    Absolutely not. This is a non-sexual social nudity event. We do not accept any level of sexual activity during our swim nights. Anyone who engages in any form of sexual behaviour will be asked to leave the venue and may be permanently banned from future attendances. Please read our Code of Behaviour.
  • I am a guy, what happens if I get an erection?"
    This is a common question, particularly for first time social nudists. Erections are perfectly natural and we understand that they can happen at any time. Relax and do not worry, it will settle down on its own. You may wish to consider jumping in to the pool, or wrapping a towel around you for a short while. Remember that Metro East Association Inc is not a sex club, and sexual activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Can I take selfies during the swim night?
    Sorry, but no. In order to protect the privacy of our members and visitors, we ask that you keep your phone switched off during the event. No photos are permitted, except by our official photographer, who will seek consent prior to taking any photos.
  • What is towel etiquette?
    Please bring a towel to sit on, for hygiene reasons.
  • How do I become a member of Metro East Association Inc?
    To be eligible for membership, a person must attend no fewer than 3 events in a 12 month period and display good attitude and appropriate behaviour. You may then submit an application for membership to the Committee. The annual fee is $40 for single membership, or the same fee applies to a nominated couple for each financial year.


Metro East Association Inc strongly supports the Laws of the Australian States and Territories in respect of harassment and public behaviour and will vigorously support these laws to its fullest. More stringent laws of any state or territory have precedence over this code of behaviour.

• The rights of every person, are paramount in a clothes free environment.

• Further to the comments above, the Metro East Association Inc has no intention of inhibiting or prohibiting mutually acceptable affectionate gestures within family units. Nor does it intend to intrude into relationships or the private acts of consenting adults in private, provided they do not take place within the club environment.

• The Metro East Association Inc will not condone sexual harassment or sexual acts. These will have no place within the Metro East Association Inc and will not be tolerated.

Members and guests are also advised they must abide by the rules of the venue.


• Unacceptable behaviour is defined as persistent staring, stalking or following, or crowding of an individual’s personal space. It also includes inappropriate or unwelcome touching or sexual acts or displays as well as any aggressive acts or threatening body language. If it is not acceptable within a family environment, it is not acceptable within club environs.



• Unwelcomed communications are defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature. Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation should be reported to the committee. Unsolicited comments and/or gestures about a person’s body are also considered unacceptable. 


• Unauthorised photography and/or videoing (including use of camera phones) of adults and minors will not be tolerated at Metro East Association Inc, unless permission is obtained in advance from the committee or carried out by an appointed club photographer.

• Prior permission must be obtained from the adult who is to be photographed and, in respect of children; prior parental approval must be obtained. Permission must also be gained from any person who would be likely to be in the field of view and is recognisable.

• It is incumbent on the photographer to be responsible in the choice of the photographic subject, angle, background etc. Anyone who is aware of a photographer taking less than acceptable photos is obliged to report that person to the committee.


• Inappropriate touching is defined as unwelcome touching of another person’s body.


Any person experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behaviour is encouraged to report it as soon as possible to a committee member.
Legitimate complaints referred to the Metro East Association Inc will be investigated fully.
If warranted, any behaviour that does not adhere to this code of behaviour will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Requests for confidentiality will be respected unless it is deemed necessary that the incident be referred to the appropriate authorities. Any acts that are contrary to this code of behaviour as outlined above, may result in that person’s expulsion from the Metro East Association Inc.



We'd love to hear from you!



Australian Naturist Federation_logo square_001.jpg

Australian Naturist Federation

Metro East Association Inc is proud to be an Affiliate Member of the Australian Naturist Federation, which is an umbrella organisation representing naturists in Australia. If you are a financial club member of Metro East Association Inc, you qualify for a $5 discount if you wish to become an independent member of the ANF. The website of the ANF is great! It lists naturist venues and locations throughout Australia, has a calendar of events, classified advertising, video blogs and regular news affecting naturists in Australia and overseas. Members of the ANF have access to a social media section, exclusive events and reviews of naturist venues and groups. There is still more content being added to the website of the Australian Naturist Federation. And remember, members see more. Highly recommended,

Nudist Meetup group logo_edited.jpg

Melbourne Naturist / Nudist Social Group on Meetup

Melbourne Naturist / Nudist Social Group on Meetup is a site where many Victorian groups list nudist and clothing optional events.

Logo WNBR Melbourne 2023.jpg

World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne

The World Naked Bike Ride returns to Melbourne on 25th February 2024World Naked Bike Ride is an annual, worldwide clothing optional bicycle ride. We aim to:-

Ride for cyclist safety. 

Ride for sustainability. 

Ride for positive body image. 

Please join us for our 19th annual ride, the longest running World Naked Bike Ride in Australia. Full details are on the web page.

nude 10 pin bowling.jpeg

Nude 10 Pin Bowling
Mixed naturist 10 pin bowling. The venue is in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Details and all bookings via the link provided


The Nomads Outdoor Group Inc
The Nomads is a social outdoors group for gay and gay-friendly men of all ages. It also welcomes those from the lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, and anyone who shares its objectives of tolerance and acceptance.

CosieVic logo.png

CosieVic is a regular clothing optional swim, spa, sauna and massage event, where attendees can relax and socialise. CosieVic is a friendly, social, fun, community that hosts lifestyle events. 
​All welcome, no annual membership, entry fee per attendance.
 Our clothing optional events run in Laverton (West of Melbourne) and allow people to socialise and meet others in the nudist / naturist / clothing optional community, explore their limits, plus via shared experiences people can create lasting friendships.

cosmex logo.png

CosmeX organises regular clothing optional spa and massage events at Chewton (near Castlemaine). Similar to Metro East Association Inc, everyone is welcome to their events. We are grateful to Cosmex for promoting Metro East Association Inc. Please refer to the Cosmex website for details about their upcoming events.

ncc logo.jpg

Northside Country Club
Northside is a very well established nudist club which is located in picturesque Central Victoria just 2 hours from Melbourne. The member based nudist association has been operating for more than 60 years and has a reputation of being very friendly and welcoming. There are excellent member facilities including fully equipped and heated clubhouse, BBQ’s, toilet and shower facilities, as well as tennis and petanque courts and a swimming pool with deck area. The 70 acre property has walking tracks throughout. Further information including contact details are on the website.

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